About Us

First Generation: Taylor and Sons

The year was 1980. Dave Taylor was working at the Packard plant in Warren, Ohio, when he got an unexpected call. There had been a chimney fire in his house. Everyone was safe, but the damage was significant. Dave spent weeks calling companies in the local area, looking for a qualified technician to tell him what had happened and how to make his home safe. He found no one. Frustrated with the lack of information and education, Dave simply did it himself, attending classes and seminars to learn how to build his own chimney. His young son, David, was fascinated by the process.

By 1981, Dave had founded Taylor and Sons, a chimney sweep company that he ran in his spare time while not working at Packard. Several of his children worked at the company over the years, but for young David, the trade became a passion.

Second Generation: Taylormaid LLC

By 2001, David had taken over most of the operation of the company from Dave. He had continued his education by attending the Joint Vocational School, enlisting in the Navy Seabees (construction battalion), and attending chimney certification classes and seminars. He had also expanded the company to include hauling and dumpster rental and changed the name to reflect this expansion. As a journeyman mason and CSIA certified chimney sweep, David pioneered correct chimney practices in NE Ohio for over 20 years. Like his father before him, David included several of his children in the company operations, and just like the previous generation, one son fell in love with the trade.

Third Generation: Ohio Chimney Co.

In due time, David’s son Corey took on more and more responsibility with the company. Having worked with his father since the age of 12, Corey already had over two decades of experience under his belt and was ready to take the helm in 2020. Corey elected to refocus the company on what we do best – chimneys – and changed the company name to reflect this.

Today, Ohio Chimney Co. is one of the only certified chimney sweeps in Trumbull or Mahoning counties – even our secretary is certified! We approach our work with pride and expertise – old fashioned values for a modern world.